People are often intimidated by seeing a psychologist, counsellor or therapist because they think that they don’t need one or because of the embarrassment attached to mental health. Psychologists and other counsellors are there to provide a safe space that is free of judgement.  Trained professionals can help anyone become more successful in their career, relationships or promote overall well-being.  A trained professional can help you to understand yourself and others better, leading to increased inner peace and happiness.Read here for more details on how a psychologist can help.


Children Play and Art Therapy

Children heal through play.  Your child may be struggling at school or home with anger, intense emotions, behavioural problems, self-esteem or with grief from a divorce or loss.  Read here how to connect with your child through play  / here for understanding your child’s emotions / here on how to help them overcome academic pressure andhere for keeping your child secure

girl-1848477_1920Teenagers School, Self-Worth, Anxiety and Self-Harm

Teenagers have unique needs as they are developing an identity seperate from thier parents.  Academic and societal pressures might lead to a feeling of isolation and anxiety which might lead to acting out or self-harm  Read here to learn how to help your teenager / here on how to talk to your teen about suicide and depression.and here for why your teenager self-harms

DIVORCEAdults Loss, Stress, Self-Worth, Anxiety and Depression

Loss can be a confusing and lonely time.  Conflict and stress can decrease our sense of self-worth and happiness.  Read here to learn more about self-confidence / here on grief and here on overcoming rejection.  Read here on identifying toxic people


dadFamilies and Couples Custody, Co-Parenting and Conflict

Families and couples may be going through conflict due to cultural differences, divorce, child custody, court reports, co-parenting and different personality and communication styles. Read here to learn more about keeping your child secure during a divorce and here about talking to your child about divorce.

meditation-2214532_640Guided Meditations

Guided meditations are used to decrease anxiety and bring awareness to the body.  Meditations help us to increase focus and remain calm during times of stress.  In my practice, I use guided meditations that help to link the mind and the body.  This brings awareness to where stress or trauma has been stuck in the body.

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