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Navigating a break-up or divorce

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Life can be especially lonely if you are going through a recent break-up or divorce. Here are pointers on how to navigate this difficult time.

How placing judgement hurts you

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Destructive judgement is harmful and says that you or the other person are not good enough. Constructive judgement helps you or the other person grow and become better.

Shame, the darkest emotion

Hong Kong Clinical Psychologist

The difference between shame and guilt is that guilt tells us that our behaviour was wrong, where shame tells us that as a person we are horrible.

Romantic Attachment: A Different Perspective

Hong Kong counselling therapist services

We have different attachment patterns with different relationships. Here is a short explanation of how attachment works.

Identifying Toxic People

Hong Kong counsellling therapist services

Toxic relationships often harm our self-esteem and leave us feeling drained of energy. When we learn how to recognize toxic relationships and abuse we can move away from them.

Understanding Trauma

Hong Kong counselling therapist services

depending on the intensity and duration of the trauma, people might need to reach out to a trained mental health professional to recover and get back on track. Here are some concepts to help you understand trauma for yourself and your loved ones.

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