This script can be used word for word or can be improvised.  Feel free to add your own meditation practices into this for your own personalised experience. Feel free to sit with each pause or line for as long or as little as you need.

A Meditation Into the Unknown

Breathe, breathe in and out. Calm your mind, calm your body through your breath.

Focus on your breath. As thoughts enter your mind, let them go like the wind. Breathe. (Sit with your breath for as long as you feel necessary)

As you sit with your breath, focus on the sounds surrounding you. Just listen.

Now, what can you smell? Everything has a scent, you have a scent. What does this scent remind you of? (pause)

Now turn your attention to your heart. Without using your hand, feel your heart. Notice if it is beating fast or slow, hard of soft. (pause)

Create a space around your heart. Breathe into it. Let your heart be as big as it needs to be. (pause)

I want you to imagine that your heart has two sides. The front is the side you show to the world. That is your light side, the side that is social.

The back side of your heart is the dark side. The side that you hide. This is where you hide your shame and your fears.

Focus on this dark side. Be curious about what is there, without judgement. (pause)

We are going to begin our journey into our dark side, into the abyss.


Let your anxiety and fear be there without trying to change it, without judging it. Find the tightness in your body, breathe air into the tightness. Expand the tightness and give it more space. (pause)

As you breathe, imagine you are descending into the sea, into the unknown. The dark water envelopes you, warming you. The darkness is giving you warmth.

As you sink down to the ocean floor, embrace the unknown, the darkness, without judgement, without trying to change it. Just let it be. Everything is as it should be.

You will then reach the depths of the ocean.  Find yourself gently lying on a pillow of white light. This white light creates a halo around you, and you are able to see around you more clearly.

When you look around you, you see that dolphins and whales have created a circle around you. They watch you in awe. They have never seen a human before, and they are amazed by you.

You can sense they are gentle and serene. You are not sure how they are communicating with you, but you receive a strong message. That message is telling you that you are safe and protected.

Breathe in.

The universe has provided you with the air to fill your lungs with the abundance of the universe. You thank the whales and the dolphins for their serene and gentle energy. You thank the universe for the abundance and providing you with air. You thank your heart for being open to receiving the message.

The stars shine down from the heavens, glistening in the water. Forming streams of white light in lines throughout the water. You breathe and realise everything is as it should be.

You let your body go limp. All of the stress and tension in your body is swallowed by the sea, washing away the tightness. You float weightlessly. (pause)

Your heart begins to quicken as you receive a message that it is time to go. You don’t know your destination, but you are not alone. The dolphins and whales surround you as you float quickly through the sea. The waves become quicker and larger. The waves carry you as if they are in a rush to take you to the unknown destination.

The sea creatures guide you and follow you on your path. You feel a strong divine presence. You realise you are a transcended being unto yourself. You have the ability to communicate with the earth and heavens. Breathe.

This new responsibility frightens you. Let it go. Trust that everything is as it should be. Trust yourself.

The dolphins and whales tell you that they can no longer continue with you on this journey. They must go back into the depths of the sea. You thank them. You love them. You are in awe of their majestic beauty. Your heart has opened. You are not the same as before. You are aware that you have your own unique path. You must go alone.

You gently float slowly towards the surface of the sea. The closer you get to the surface; the more light enters the sea. You find that the sun has come out and it is no longer night time.  The darkness is gone.

As you arrive at the surface, you see that the sun is large and fills the sky. There are no animals, there are no birds, there are no people.

You are completely alone.

The light of the sun enters your body. You allow the light of the sun to intertwine with the darkness inside you. You embrace your duality. You continue to float to your unknown destination. Unsure of who or what you will encounter.

You feel completely alone.

The universe tells you to be excited for the things to come as land appears on the horizon. In your loneliness, you embrace the unknown. You step off from the sea onto land and see the sun shining brightly on the path you will create.

As your feet are placed on the ground, you decide it is time to wake up.  When you are ready, open your eyes.  Move your body and try to come back to an awake state of consciousness.



The beautiful artwork was painted by Kalok Ng

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