The mind and the body are connected.  When we are out of sync mentally, our body suffers.  When we are out of sync physically our mental health suffers.  Our central nervous system includes the brain and is wired marvelously to nerve endings through out our entire body.  Here are some of the benefits of exercise:

1. Increased endorphins:  Endorphins help our pain tolerance and make us feel happy.  We can release endorphins through exercise.

2. Increased confidence: When we exercise, we feel better about ourselves.

3. Increased Energy: One excuse people often have not to exercise is that they are tired.  Once your body starts moving, you will get more energy.  Overtime, your body will crave the exercise and you will have increased energy throughout the day.

4. Increased focus: When we sit all day, our brain become lethargic.  Exercise creates blood flow in the brain leading to increased focus.

5. Decreased stress: Exercise reduces our stress levels and anxiety.


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