It is probable, that at one point in a person’s life, they will feel stuck or lost.  Feeling stuck or lost can be a result of a major life event, loss or a trauma.  There might be times when we wonder if we are on the right path.  Throughout history and time, there have been stories of heroes who have overcome great odds.  Along the way, the hero must conquer fears to overcome and transform into something wiser and stronger.  Hollywood, religious texts, and mythology tell of great stories of heroes and heroines who defeat evil and succumb to the depths of hell only to conquer their demons and arise into a hero, sage or god.  These stories exaggerate but also exemplify the human experience.  Here is a short YouTube video to explain the stages of the Heroes Journey:

So how do you shed your fear, tolerate and conquer the frustration and come out as a calmer, wiser, and stronger person?  Here are some ideas to encourage personal growth.

Write a timeline of your life

The timeline can include anything that comes to your mind as being impactful. Look for relationships with others, relationship patterns, rejections, failures, successes, accomplishments, and significant life events.

What sticks out in your timeline?

Can you see how you have overcome obstacles? How are your relationships working or not working?

Resolve what has not been resolved

Is there any shame, regret or other emotions that need to be explored?  Do you need to ask for forgiveness, do you need to reach out to anyone? Do you have any shame?

Is there anything or anyone toxic in your life?

Is there anyone in your life that devalues you?  Are you abusing drugs or alcohol?  Is your work taking all of your time and energy?  Evaluate the toxicity in your life and figure out how to detox.

Express Gratitude

Who has helped and supported you along your journey? Send them a thank you note, be specific on how they supported you.


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Photo by Jessica Podraza on Unsplash.