Online therapy can be a convenient option when you don’t have the time to travel or feel safe visiting.  If you are home because you are sick or for other reasons, online therapy is a great alternative.  Some people prefer online to in-person treatment because they can sit in the comfort of their own home.

If you’re living in a loud or unsafe environment, there are ways to feel safe having online therapy.  An online therapist can offer you some suggestions to help you find or secure a comfortable space.  If an abusive person isolates you, please reach out for emergency help through your nearest crisis centre or shelter.

Here are some of the benefits and enjoyments of online therapy

1. No travel time

You can use the time that you saved travelling on something relaxing.

2. Getting Comfy

You can get comfortable! You can sit in your favourite chair, sofa, or be in your favourite room. You can put your feet up and settle into your favourite place to relax. You might feel more comfortable at home speaking about the things that you are most anxious about or carry the most emotional load.

3. Comfort Drink

You can make your comfort drink. You can drink your tea or sip your comfort drink while you hydrate during your session.

4. Four-Legged Friends

Your pet can be with you – Your pet can comfort you while you speak about some of the more stressful or traumatic things that have been on your mind.

5. Comfort Item

You can hold your comfort item. Some people have a cuddly pillow, blanket or item that comforts them when they are stressed.

6. Essential Oils

You can use your essential oils or another scent to calm the room. Certain smells can be comforting.

7. Lighting

You can dim or brighten the lights. You have more control over your environment and can adjust the lighting to the setting that relaxes you.

8. Technology

You can practice using technology. This is an excellent time to practice setting up internet meetings and solving how you best feel comfortable and on what platform.

Most therapists offer online sessions, and most treatments can be done online, including EMDR.


If you feel like you need to talk to someone, please contact me to set up an online session via email

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