Meet Brad –

Brad was always on.  He was running a multimillion-dollar company in sixty different countries.  He couldn’t sleep at night wondering who would pay what invoice so that he could continue shipping supplies.  He was currently suffering from high blood pressure, chronic pain and stomach issues.  He felt like he didn’t have the time to relax, let alone go to therapy.

Meet Ellie –

Ellie was working, but she was concerned she would soon lose her job because of COVID.  She stopped spending money and decided that her therapy was a luxury and not a necessity.  Before Ellie quit therapy, she was doing EMDR for trauma.  The work had been challenging at times, but overall, she felt calmer.  The stress of the unknown had brought some of her old wounds up to the surface.  She was depressed and anxious but felt like she didn’t deserve to spend money on her mental health.

Meet Andrea –

Andrea found herself spacing out at work frequently.  She felt overwhelmed by the pressure and competition of working in finance.  She always felt like someone was watching and judging her.  She felt like there might be some benefit to speaking to someone, but she felt like it would be weak to ask for help.

Seeking Help

The first step towards seeking help might be the hardest.  Asking for help does not mean that you are weak or broken.  When our stress becomes too big, it weakens our immune system. Our body can experience everything from pain, muscle aches, stomach issues and fatigue.  A mental health professional can help you reach your full potential by reducing stress, encouraging healing, and allowing a safe and confidential space.  If finances are a problem, the therapist might come up with a plan for you where you do written or behavioural work outside of the sessions.

Your mental health will keep you physically healthy and help you be a more prosperous and happier person.


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