When stressed, the drive for success or chaos ensues, we might forget about our mental health.  We might be so busy striving or surviving that we aren’t in check with how we feel emotionally, physically or psychologically.  So how can you tell if you are out of balance?

Here are some indications that your mental health could use a tune-up:

1. Sleep

Are you able to sleep at night, or are you waking up in the middle of the night?  If your rest hasn’t been great, be curious if it is due to worry, stress, anxiety or alcohol use.

2. Energy

What are your energy levels like?  Are you waking up exhausted even after a full nights sleep?  Are you feeling fatigued more often than not?  Our energy levels can give us a good idea if we push too hard and enter an exhaustion phase.

3. Exercise

How much physical activity are you doing?  Exercise helps us to focus, destress and stay physically healthy.

4. Emotions

Do you feel numb, agitated, or more teary than usual?  Do you understand what you are feeling?  Emotions give us information about how we feel about ourselves, those around us, and other stressors in our lives.

5. Conflict

Are you finding yourself in more conflicts than usual?  Are you snapping at your friends or colleagues?  When we hold our feelings in or get too tense, we can lash out at others.

6. Isolation

Are you feeling isolated or isolating yourself?  Are you avoiding your friends and family?  When we are depressed or overwhelmed, we might want to avoid others, but this can be a bad idea if we isolate ourselves for too long.

7. Pain

Are you feeling pain in your body without being physically sick?  When we lose track of our mind and body, we might feel inflammation, muscle soreness, stomach aches, chest pain and headaches.


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