Family mediation is based on empowering parents to make decisions for their families through facilitated negotiation. This is designed to help people feel empowered, provide a feeling of control and lessen anxiety and uncertainty.  In this podcast, I talk with Sala Sihombing about the Psychologists role in Child Inclusive Mediation.

Psychologists are not there to judge you as a parent or as a person. We are part of the mediation process to find out a little more about how your child might be feeling.  This gives your child the opportunity to feel heard and can be really helpful for children.  In this podcast, we touch on questions that you may want to understand more about, such as:

1. Does this work for all ages?

2. How do I work with teenagers?

3. Ideas on what you can tell your child and what are topics may be too adult.

4. How children sometimes feel they have to protect their parent(s).

5. Working with sibling groups.

6. What is the process between the Mediator and Psychologist?

7. What type of feedback does a Psychologist give? 

8. What types of messages will you hear?

Listen to the podcast to hear how I work with children, how does feedback work, and how can parents make the most of the information shared in child inclusive mediation.

Listen to the Podcast here: How do psychologists work in Child Inclusive Mediation?


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