Overachieving and successful people often have their emotions overlooked because everyone assumes they are okay. This is because they are so put together, and everything looks perfect on the outside. However, if you are a high-achieving person, you might not feel okay. Successful and happy people also experience stress and overwhelm. However, they might feel dismissed when they reach out to family and friends. People might say things to them like, “I never worry about you because you always figure it out.” Or “you will pull through; you always do.”

Caretakers or adults with the most significant emotional or mental load might also feel their needs don’t matter. Feeling this way can make you feel like no one sees or cares about you. People who feel stressed or low can only focus on themselves. They are too overwhelmed by their emotions or stresses to focus on yours.

So, if no one asked you today, are you okay? Just notice what happens in your body when I ask you that question. What emotions are you sitting in? Is there stress or worry that is bringing you down? What thoughts loop in your mind and keep you up at night? Are you feeling lonely? You might be surrounded by people but feel disconnected.

Let’s come up with a plan for you.

  1. Notice when you feel unseen. If you can be aware of when you feel neglected, you can let those around you know. Using Non-violent needs-based communication can put your feelings forward so that those around you are aware. Then, they will be more mindful of your feelings.
  2. Have boundaries. Boundaries keep others from taking more than we are ready to give. When we provide more than we can or want, resentment builds.
  3. Do something kind for yourself every day. Every day, allow yourself some space to do whatever calms you, excites you, or makes you happy. For overachievers, this might look like a forced rest. Always being on the go and caretaking can lead to exhaustion and burnout.
  4. Practice self-compassion – Feeling overlooked and dismissed might lead you to feel like you are unloveable or unwanted. To counteract these thoughts, speak to yourself like someone you love.
  5. Who are the people that you want to care about you, and why? Are the people that you want to care about you able to love? Are they depressed or too stressed? Are they unable to love you the way that you want them to? If so, be curious why you need this person’s validation.

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