Therapy for Teenagers

Hong Kong counseling therapist services offers private professional services for teenager therapy and counseling.

Teenagers undergo unique societal and academic pressures.  Teenagers who are feeling lost, rejected, isolated or confused about who they are might resort to drugs, self-harm or crime.  Often teenagers require a safe space outside of the home where they can express and find themselves.  I provide this space by allowing the teenager to feel unconditional positive regard while educating them about social media, their peers and healthier options to self-harm.  I allow them to find their identity by exploring their emotions and relationship styles with their peers. As this is a time that can be both stressful for the teenager and parent, I encourage positive communication so you can create a safe space for your teenager at home.

Some warning signs to watch for are: Withdrawing from family and friends, increased sadness and crying, changes in eating and sleeping habits, self-harm such as cutting, talking about suicide, not finding joy in activities, not wanting to go to school and panic and anxiety. Talk to your teen about suicide and depression when these signs become evident.

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