Hong Kong EMDR Practitioner Therapist.

Sometimes after trauma, it might be difficult to trust others, feel safe, or function the way that you used to before the trauma.  EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing.  EMDR uses eye movements to help process the painful memories, images or thoughts that might follow after a traumatic experience.  The eye movements have been thought to be similar to what the eyes do doing during the REM sleep cycle. 

As an EMDR practitioner, I provide a safe space to process the emotions, thoughts and images that might be disturbing.  EMDR is an effective treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, overcoming abuse, Anxieties and Grief.

People who undergo the treatment will be guided through a series of questions in a safe environment.  Trauma can be painful to speak about because it can feel as if you are reliving the trauma.  With EMDR less speaking is involved, but painful memories might still come up.  The therapist will sit with you and guide you to watch the memories. 

What can I expect when I do EMDR?

Firstly, I will ask you about your background and then I will give you the tools to enable you to relax and calm yourself before the eye movement sessions. EMDR differs from other therapies in that it uses eye movements to help the mind process painful memories.  Sometimes, this can reduce the number of sessions needed as compared to other treatments.  I will use my hand or a light bar to guide your eye movements. 

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