Life Coaching

My goal is to educate, guide and empower you to enable you to improve your emotional wellbeing, achieve your goals, and live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

For example, as your life coach and I assist you with navigating a divorce, dealing with loss, understanding and dealing with areas of conflict, relationship struggles, low self-worth and trauma.  

Divorce and custody battles are often confusing and overwhelming.  Together, we will help you to understand the totality of a custody report, how to successfully co-parent and manage conflict. Most importantly, how to ensure your children have the best opportunity to be safe and secure during a divorce.  

Loss, abuse and trauma can leave us confused about who we are and can sometimes damage our self-worth. Coaching in these areas can help you to find meaning and purpose again.

Toxic relationships can be stressful.  I can help you to understand your own attachment style and relationship patterns in order to help you find a significant other, decide if your relationship is healthy, and manage conflict. Toxic relationships can happen at work, with friends, family and romantically.  

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Please note that although I am a registered clinical psychologist with the Hong Kong Society of Counseling and Psychology, I am not a licensed psychologist or any other type of licensed therapist in the United States.  Life coaching is not therapy and is intended for those who do not need a diagnosis or an assessment. You should always consult your own licensed mental health professional before making any changes regarding your mental health. Always consult your licensed mental healthcare provider(s) and never disregard or delay medical advice based on information posted on this page or post.