I work with couples who struggle with conflict, trauma, loss and betrayal. Previous trauma or childhood abuse can surface during conflict, which can result in bigger emotions, anger, or feeling frozen. Betrayal and infidelity can be healed if both partners are willing to commit to honesty and to the relationship going forward. I use attachment theory to help couples understand how their relationship patterns, communication style and past experiences shade the current relationship they are in. Resentment can be overcome with deeper insight into emotions, needs and thoughts.

Couples coaching can remind you why and how you fell in love in the first place.

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Please note that although I am a registered clinical psychologist with the Hong Kong Society of Counseling and Psychology, I am not a licensed psychologist or any other type of licensed therapist in the United States.  Life coaching is not therapy and is intended for those who do not need a diagnosis or an assessment. You should always consult your own licensed mental health professional before making any changes regarding your mental health. Always consult your licensed mental healthcare provider(s) and never disregard or delay medical advice based on information posted on this page or post.