My attachment-based therapy along with EMDR, allows my clients to find healing within themselves. In so doing, I can help my clients to overcome anxiety, trauma, neglect, emotional, verbal, physical abuse, and child abuse.

As an attachment specialist, I also help people understand relationship patterns which prevent them from healthy relationships. 

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

What can I expect when I do EMDR?

EMDR uses eye movements to help desensitize anxiety, trauma, and loss.  The memories or thoughts you haven’t processed are brought forward in a safe space.

EMDR can also improve self-worth and help you to understand yourself and your relationships at a deeper level. A more detailed discussion about EMDR can be found here.

Please note that I am a registered clinical psychologist with the Hong Kong Society of Counseling and Psychology, and therefore only provide therapy and EMDR to Hong Kong residents. If you live outside Hong Kong I provide coaching.