Losing a loved one can feel lonely and confusing. Grief often leaves you feeling an emptiness that is difficult to explain. Often, you grieve multiple losses when we lose someone. One of the losses is a part of yourself and your identity. 

Grief can make you feel like you are going crazy. The feeling relates to your mind and body trying to understand what your life will look like without the other person. You might sense the deceased is near you. You might search for them, only to remember they aren’t there.

Grief is a deeply personal and intimate experience. No two people will grieve the same. This deep sadness can result in anger, guilt, and denial.  Your loved ones might want to support you, but they don’t know how. Searching for someone to understand your suffering can be challenging. The misconception is that talking about the loss will make you sad again. You are not alone; help is available. I can help you heal as an individual, couple, or family. I also run a bereavement group where you can connect with others.   

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