Individuals – all ages

My goal is to educate, guide and empower you.  We will work to improve your emotional wellbeing, achieve your goals and thrive.

I can assist you if you’re experiencing performance anxiety, navigating a divorce or dealing with grief and loss.  I will teach you how to understand and deal with conflict, relationship struggles, low self-worth and trauma.

Divorce and custody battles are often confusing and overwhelming.  Together, we will help you to understand the totality of a custody report and how to successfully co-parent. Most importantly, how to ensure your children have the best opportunity to be safe and secure during a divorce.

Loss, grief, abuse, and trauma can leave us confused about who we are and can sometimes damage our self-worth. Our sessions together can help you find meaning and purpose again.  

Toxic relationships can be stressful.  I can help you to understand your own attachment style and relationship patterns in order to help you find a significant other, decide if your relationship is healthy. Toxic relationships and conflict can happen at work, with friends, family and romantically.

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Brainspotting can be a powerful and effective treatment to assist people heal from trauma, reach their goals, and achieve their potential.